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Howdy everyone my name is Crystal Marie and this is my NEW(and hopefully improved) contortion page. I really do hope you like all that you see but if it sucks....just know it's cause I'm not wise in the ways of HTML:-(          ~~~~~Blessed Be!!! 


"Then Look for me by moonlight; 

Watch for me by moonlight;

I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way..."

~The Highwayman~

site updates

There are no updates as of yet...well actually......

01.11.04---****More new pics added to Misc. Added Dani Filth link to Fav. Links YUMMY!*********

12.26.04---NEW PICS ADDED to MISC.!!!! These actually show up!

12.24.04----It's snowing in south texas! talk about the green house affect! I live realy really far south! Weird!

12.19.04----Took the pics down. They weren't showing. I guess I didn't trick the system.I suppose I must give in to the re-sizing demons:-( Oh and everyone should read "Look For Me by Moonlight"...Thomas Gibson would be perfect! Kisses!

12.6.04---NEW PICS ADDED to CONTORTION 3!!!!!

11.15.04---I actually updated. Hello World!Oh and now the LINKS are fixed. Sorry it took so damn long. Also I got rid of those disgusting ads/links people posted on the guestbook(instead of a cookie they'll be recieving a nice pile of shit:-)

Hey people!!! I apologize for not updating in so long...ya'll know I'm a busy busy little bee:-) Well football season ended and so has colorguard:-( Doing colorguard is probably one of the best and most fun things I've ever done. I'm gonna miss it....but now it's all about playing the snare baby! Oh and of course contorting...*giggle* Yeah yeah it's been a really long damn time...i'll get around to it now that i have nothing to do....that and sending all of you your long-deserved cookies.  I love you all very much!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!  XOXOXO



My homepage that hasn't been working cause there has been too much allocated data

You can go to this site still if you want cause these sites are basically the same except that this one has more(bigger)pics while the other has more graphics and some pics that won't load on this site. Just thought I'd let you know that:-)

~ Possi's Contortion Site  ~
One of the coolest sites on the web!!!

Trent Reznor

REQUIREMENTS...(this is only a it's not)

1. Sign the goddamn guestbook

2. In the goddamn guestbook say whatever the hell is on your mind

3. Tell everyone you know about this site

4. I haven't thought of a fourth just yet actually......

5. I'll get back to you on this one



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