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About me...... Crystal Marie!

Ok so you already know my name is Crystal....so lets just get down the basics: I'm 17, 5'6, and I'm in the 12th grade(there that was easy).

To save time and space(though for no real good reason)just go to this link and find out all you EVER NEVER wanted to know about me i.e., my favorite things(Nine Inch Nails), my favorite person(Trent Reznor) who I want to marry(Trent Reznor) and my secret ambition(to marry Trent Reznor..shhhhhhhhhhh!)


Oh and ABOUT THIS SITE~~~~~~~~~~

This site is about well...me...and my contortion stuff!

Three years ago when I was on the dance/drill team at my high school,  I got all my splits then like 3 years after I quit, I finally  saw Cirque Du Soliel on tv and I was really inspired. I was just so memsmerized by the sheer beauty of contortion that I began to stretch alot again...until everyone kept telling me that you were "born" like that. So I thought 'well fuck this'...until this past summer of course. Thats when I started talking to alot of people online and they basically told me to get off my ass and start stretching agian. So I did. But sadly enough I was in a little accident in late October and it really fucked up my back....and to make matter worse, I still had to do a freak show like the next day so my back really didn't get any time to heal(cause you know,everytime you go on you wanna give your best performance:-). But anyways, I'm starting to stretch again and hopefully get back to that level of flexibility I was at prior to "the accident" but i've been so busy with Decathlon and all my honors and AP classes that i have like NO time whatsoever to stretch but i will dammit. I will! So yeah, thats the story.   

My YAHOO Profiles

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Look em up if you ever wanna know more!!!!



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