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Oh my love, my darling---I've hungered for your touch----a long lonely time----time goes by so slowy---and time can do so much----are you still mine?----I need your love, I need your love---God speed your love to me...

I love Trent Reznor and his music...but you knew that already, didn't you?

Both of my houses are haunted *shivers*

I love DANi FiLTH (but Trent is still god) He is so goddamn hot! Yummy!

My family spend an un-godly amount of time on this site and it's starting to be down-right unhealthy..but what the hell? It's great. I suggest the BANG BANG BANG video.

Watch out may not like what you see here


Contortionists...gotta love em:-)

Yes thats me:-) I've been trying to get this pic up me for the big one

More Trent pics....I just can't get enough of that sexy/angst-filled man.

This site saved me 2 summers ago when i thought i was gonna die of boredom. Honestly. Teenagers are so dumb.

This guy is badass. I wanna marry him. after i marry Trent of course:-)

Thomas Gibson embodies everything i find attractive in a man (besides being Trent Reznor, in which case i can make an exception)

My live scared

You should read the COLDFIRE trilogy. it's my all time favorite:-) So go here for a brief synopsis

I've been interested in all things occult as far back as i can remember...even since i was little:-)