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Mostly pics of me but you never know!

Some of these are from summer 03' and some(well 2) are from summer 04' and the ones at the top are new:-)


Sorry this pic is so small. Dammit. Took it today (01-11-05)

I suppose i could have smiled but having no makeup on....i wasn't exactly in the best mood;-) I love camera phones

Me and my senior friends on election day downtown. I'm the one in the middle with the semi-fabulous tan

Dani Filth....so very very sexy

Trent is the sexiest man alive. Really.

My damn eye

I've been spending an adverse amount of time at the cemetary:-) I love it there....this is a pic i took like a few days back


Me (with the gold flag) at the start of football season

Me(on the right)Richard,and Abilehi right before our Decathlon Meet

Just know this was for a contortion pic ok?

Me at a Decathlon Meet(this pic came out in the paper!!! lol now i'm a "celebrity")

The car my dad bought me(w00t w00t!) It's my baby!

Posing for Mr.Mirrior

me and mary-bo-berry

I think I'm obsessed (^_^) This pic makes an awesome desktop background..hehe

In the damn kitchen. I was going to the CC Speedway

Bad quality, but I like-y.....took it just last night (7-03-04)

Thomas Gibson is so DAMN hot!!!! AHHHH!!! I just love his dark hair and dark, sexy, brooding good looks! AHHHH!!