Contortion----Summer 2003

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Pics of Me Contorting

This whole page consists of pics when I first started....cept the very last one....that was a little later

In the grass

yeah my kitty(whose name just happens to be kitty) joined me while stretching

My suck-ass frontbend.....

hehehe...I really suck don't I?

I saw Melissa(Miller) do this so I tryed it

yes that is indeed a smile not a grimace

A Pancake

My poker it's just cause I was pissed at someone...oh well 

All of these were during the summer.....

I was trying a forearm archover but....yeah.. it just didn't happen

HEHEHE my hair is all messed up!!!!!

Another try at a forearm archover, except I tryed to do this one cold like an idiot

At the bloody park...

Laybacks are fun


I LOVE TRENT!!!!!!!!!!!! SHHHHHH!!!!! It's a secret..... *_*