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More pics of me Contorting

Some of my pics are too big(like the one with my feet to my shoulders) and they won't load so I would suggest you go to my geocities site if you want to see em........

Getting ready to try a forearm archover


Standing Split(thanks John!!!!!)Stupidity is always correctable isn't it?

My face looks funny...but then again it always does...I think I was born that way......^_^

I was in the process of moving up my other leg:-(

yes my room is dirrty...but do I care? Just ask my mom...

These were actually taken a little before the "accident"

Ever heard of a purple sheep? Cause I see them everywhere....O_o

Lots of bloody fun....

I really like this stretch

I really love backbending

Yes my tan sucks........goddammit

Another pathetic try at a forearm archover

ok my tan sucks really really bad okay?! Jesus, i'm out in the sun everyday practicing for ROTC....what do you expect? lol

Like my shoes?

Since I despise and loathe my fat toes I decided to draw cute little pink shoes on em.....don't hate on the creativity of a struggling shoe designer....hehehe

Kissing the floor

I had to practice my kissing skills on something!!! ;-)

Peek-A-Boo-----I'm a princess!!!

I don't actually like this must be wondering why the hell I put it up then.....and the answer to that would be......I don't have any more recent pics that actually fit(when I upload em) so I'm just putting any contortion pics now

On the couch

Does this really need a caption?

Just chillin

once again this is a SMILE...not a grimace

Once again on that infamous couch

This was again during like my first month as a contortionist


Yes this is another from the beginning of it all.........damn I'm tired :-(


Hello! You have reached the end of this page. Did you enjoy all that troublesome scrolling? Cause I know sure as hell I didn't....